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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So again why is it when
you little cunts see me online you feel it is your duty to bombard me with
pm's as if I could give a fuck that you actually there? Again what exactly
don't you bitches understand when I say and really mean the only relationship
I want with you hoes are financial ones? Again when will you pussies ever
learn your lesson?

Take Pigeon number one who happened
to see me online and decided he wanted to invade the space of Bella Amor at
3 in the fucking morning.

pussyboy: saw u were on..just
wanted to say Off to sleep.nite

mistressbellaamor: lol

pussyboy: have good day

mistressbellaamor: lol

<first off
just cause you see me online dont mean I want to deal with your ass>

pussyboy: may i go

mistressbellaamor: have I told you to

pussyboy: not sure.

pussyboy: may i goto sleep..its 3 am

mistressbellaamor: so

pussyboy: crazy tired

mistressbellaamor: SO

pussyboy: may i please goto sleep

pussyboy: please

pussyboy: may i please goto sleep

<you honestly
think I give a fuck cause it's 3 am, you knew that when you sent the fucking
message assbrain>

mistressbellaamor: um you sent
me this message because of what

mistressbellaamor: how long have I been onlince

mistressbellaamor: for a while

mistressbellaamor: and you just not deciding to say something

pussyboy: I am confused,,,I just sinded on to check mail..saw u were on and
said neesd to goto sleep

mistressbellaamor: again when you signed on you didnt say shit

mistressbellaamor: and now all of a sudden you saying something

mistressbellaamor: I think you trying to fuck with me on some sly shit bitch

pussyboy: my firewall was downloading and had me frozen

mistressbellaamor: I might decide to fuck with you a little bit

pussyboy: i am really not doing anything maam

<the true
example of a bitch barking up the wrong tree>

pussyboy: i will be on
free al day..

pussyboy: tell me what time to be on and i will..

pussyboy: but may i go and go to sleep ?

mistressbellaamor: I wonder what will the managers at the ********** will
say to our little adventures together

pussyboy: prob nothing good

mistressbellaamor: (*1*) 8*1-3**0

mistressbellaamor: that is corporate correct

pussyboy: yes

mistressbellaamor: lol

pussyboy: may i please please goto sleep

mistressbellaamor: The ************ Incorporated

2*** ****** Hills ******

********* Hills, *A ***01

mistressbellaamor: maybe I'll fax them a sneak peek

pussyboy: please maam..I will never bother you agian.

pussyboy: I will never pm you again as well

mistressbellaamor: oh see no bitch it's just the opposite

mistressbellaamor: now you will stay around

mistressbellaamor: and you will pay me and give me anything else I want or
else I TELL

mistressbellaamor: and if you think I'm joking

mistressbellaamor: lol

mistressbellaamor: TRY ME

to make his presence known so bad, so let me actually make mines known for
what it really is>

pussyboy: i dont thinkthat at

mistressbellaamor: I have no hangups about letting your information go slowly
but surely

mistressbellaamor: and providing all of our saved conversatioons

pussyboy: i will be good maam

mistressbellaamor: at least a years worth

pussyboy: but need sleep now

mistressbellaamor: they will side with me

mistressbellaamor: see this is what you get for lying

mistressbellaamor: being a dumb ass

pussyboy: I am dumb but i dont lie maam

mistressbellaamor: you may be able to deny conversations

mistressbellaamor: but you cannot deny videos

mistressbellaamor: photos

mistressbellaamor: and including your check stubs

pussyboy: yes maam.

pussyboy: I agree

pussyboy: I will be good, I promise

pussyboy: and will never cross you

mistressbellaamor: of course you will and you will start with a good pay schedule

pussyboy: but right nwo I need to sleep.

pussyboy: I will pm in a couple of days.

mistressbellaamor: EMPLOYMENT POLICY

mistressbellaamor: fuck a couple of days

pussyboy: maam. I will I promise.

mistressbellaamor: actually you will not do it on your time

mistressbellaamor: now it's when I want it done

mistressbellaamor: or YOU WILL BE DONE

mistressbellaamor: FINISHED

<now that
the heat is on this bitch he tries to back out lol>

pussyboy: ok when

mistressbellaamor: today

mistressbellaamor: now

pussyboy: I am broke maam...not lying mad car payment today and paid rent

pussyboy: and now have nothing

mistressbellaamor: I dont give a fuck you better go out and make me money

mistressbellaamor: see bitch this is what happens when you are given a year
or so worth of chances to atone for your behavior

mistressbellaamor: now I'm ready to make moves from you admitting not only
in conversation you want to suck dick

mistressbellaamor: but also in videos

mistressbellaamor: lmao

mistressbellaamor: such a joy

pussyboy: maam. may I please please goto sleep

mistressbellaamor: after you pay me

mistressbellaamor: or I start to let it slip

mistressbellaamor: besides I want to christmas shop

pussyboy: can i pay 50

pussyboy: thats as much as i can do

pussyboy: ok?

mistressbellaamor: nope not intrested bring it up

mistressbellaamor: or I tell

mistressbellaamor: that video is only a click away

pussyboy: i will send 75

pussyboy: ok?

mistressbellaamor: um no

pussyboy: then what

mistressbellaamor: up it bitch

pussyboy: maam..I am broke right now bad..not kidding

mistressbellaamor: set the right price which is what my real time bois will
pay for my 30 minute of my time and so far you wasted 15 of 30...

mistressbellaamor: I dont give a fuck

pussyboy: 100

mistressbellaamor: you should have thought about that when you were fucking
with me

mistressbellaamor: no

pussyboy: i have never fucked with you maam

mistressbellaamor: lol act a fool and not give me what I want before you log
off if you want to

mistressbellaamor: and watch what happen

mistressbellaamor: unlike the other chicks I have nothing to lose

pussyboy: i am not going anywhere

pussyboy: but will pay you..

pussyboy: but am broke

pussyboy: 100

pussyboy: ok?

mistressbellaamor: I know you gonna pay and you gonna pay before you log off

mistressbellaamor: you better up it more

mistressbellaamor: or else a couple of conversations and more leave my possession
and into your employment file

pussyboy: 125 and that is where i have to end it

pussyboy: i am dead broke afteer that

pussyboy: deal?

<rule number
one for you bitches to understand, never make deals with the devil, I get

mistressbellaamor: Do I look
satisfied? I could give you a print screen of what will be going including
instant access of what will show

pussyboy: maam..thats all i really have

pussyboy: not playing games

mistressbellaamor: with the title I have in mind along with your address phone
and a couple of photos

pussyboy: i wish i had more

mistressbellaamor: hit it at 150 because you have wasted damn near 20 minutes of my time which is what my real time bois pay for 30 minutes of playing with my
feet and I will be satisfied

mistressbellaamor: FOR NOW

<so okay you wasted damn
near 30 minutes of my time like any other professional I'm still collecting
a fee>

pussyboy: i will do so...and
borrow money from friends this week

pussyboy: to pay my other bills


<I really
could give less than a fuck because what I desire, is all that matters>

mistressbellaamor: do it now
or it goes

mistressbellaamor: and with my pull boy

pussyboy: its sent

mistressbellaamor: considering I am a real time domme

mistressbellaamor: I know

pussyboy: need to sleep now.

mistressbellaamor: i will make sure it falls into the right hands

pussyboy: may i go

mistressbellaamor: wait bitch

mistressbellaamor: take your ass to bed, sweet dreams lol

pussyboy: nite

<Moral of
this story pussies, is unless you ready to depart with your hard earned money
don't contact me! What a good little pussy, he pays, Goddess is happy and
she lives happily... FOR NOW THAT IS>

12/05/2006 06:11:00 AM

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Two 6ft Goddesses,
one black thee other white, both with size 12 feet! Whatever will you do with
this Duo of Devious Dominas? Dare I say, what will We do to you!

What do you get when you have 2 beautiful 6 ft Goddesses, one black and one white with beautiful size 12 feet? Double the smothering, double the spankings, double the strap on play and golden showers, double the humiliation and yes the double the eroticness!


11/08/2006 06:50:00 PM

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I don't understand these bitches, they get dismissed from their so call dommes and then want a Goddess like myself to take on a fucking charity case lol.....

Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 12:16:58 PM): who is this
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:13:51 PM): this is
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:14:19 PM): you are contacting me because of
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:19:53 PM): I see who you are but what the hell are you contacting me for
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:35:29 PM): i'm contacting you b/c you a perfect bitch
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:36:16 PM): I've known that for years to bad you idiots are just catching on
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:36:26 PM): but again i dont play with owned property
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:36:33 PM): so run along back to mahogany's stable
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:36:39 PM): i'm previously owned
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:36:59 PM): she has put me up for adoption
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:37:09 PM): not my problem
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:37:15 PM): yeah it is
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:37:34 PM): why are you still here
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:37:46 PM): you either take me out of the pound or connect me to poetintial owners
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:38:02 PM): bail me out of the dog pound
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:38:13 PM): bitch please what the fuck I look like
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:38:16 PM): a operator
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:38:19 PM): yup
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:38:21 PM): run along and find your owner
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:38:25 PM): Goodbye
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:38:29 PM): no bye
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:39:12 PM): your a real bitch do you know that...i like that.
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:39:59 PM): didn't I tell you to fuck off some time ago I stressed that to your dumb ass some weeks ago
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:40:12 PM): i'm sorry honey
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:40:19 PM): Good riddens
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:40:28 PM): whats that mean
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:40:48 PM): That means get the fuck out of my box and go find a muthafuckin hobby shit for brains
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:40:58 PM):
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:41:14 PM): your a bitch
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:42:49 PM): yeah and your point, find it on your way out of my box dumb ass
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:43:04 PM): i love you
Goddess Bella (11/1/2006 5:44:06 PM): good do it from a damn distance and make ya way elsewhere
Chris T. (11/1/2006 5:44:18 PM): yes mam...buh bye

11/01/2006 06:33:00 PM

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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Little Sub That Thought He Could.....

Okay so a new present arrived in the mail yesterday.. Anonymous buyer that purchased a book from my gift list thats always a good thing. You have to love those... Anyhow I have been running across a lot of hoes that just enjoy sitting on my website jacking off to my photos. These are what I call Fluffers. They are too fucking scared to experience the wrath of Bella Amor so they sit and day dream on my site all day..

I have a news flash for you hoes.....

Either shit or get off the fucking pot.......

10/29/2006 07:01:00 PM

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

I've never ran across so many useless fucks in my entire life. The funny thing is you have pseudo subs and slaves that approach you with the same line. " I'm a (age) year old slave with a cam. Lol funny. But now days you bitches have been getting slick with it and saying oh well my mistress is out of town and she has left instructions for me to find a domme to play with while she is away. First of I dont know of any dommes that do that, secondly why would you be so stupid! Give it up bitches, we see through that shit like a cloudless sunny day!

10/26/2006 07:42:00 PM

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